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What is a p2138 engine code

Learn what does P2138 Nissan Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Circuit Range/ Performance means? · what is p2138 and how do i fix. locked itself at RPMs on the engine and I had to stay in neutral. waiting for local mechanic to figure out code P2138. Detailed information on error code - P2138 - Throttle/ Pedal Pos Sensor/ Switch D / E Voltage Correlation. May 03, · Yes, I used silicone based dielectric grease. Don' t know the brand. If I had the red CRC stuff, I would use it. I haven' t seen the code again. I am not sure if the culprit was bad pin connection or.

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    Engine code what

    · Today I will show you how to clear the check engine light. Code P2138 throttle pedal position sensor switch D/ E voltage correlation. Stay tuned for more. Mercedes- Benz C- Class: How to Correct Trouble Code P2138. The result is lack of engine response and acceleration, as well as idle issues. P2138 - OBD II Trouble Code. and the driver due to the control module' s inability to accurately detect the engine performance being requested. The check engine light came on and the error codes were P2138 and P, P2138. at times the hold light. Here a TSB for the P2138 code. Q: Vehicle has a p2138 code after the following issue during a normal drive. Driving on the freeway around 70mph the check engine light and vsa light both come on. · I didn' t program the system.

    I can only report what I have experienced with it. When the accelerator pedal is operated, it sends the voltage signals. Repair Information for P2138 code. Learn what does P2138 Throttle/ Pedal Position Sensor/ Switch ' D' / ' E' Voltage Correlation means? Chevy Impala " REDUCED ENGINE POWER. When the service engine light is on the code will be P2138 and because the condition that causes it is intermittent the. Honda Accord DX code P2138. The P2138 is also a fiarly straight forward code pointing to a fault in the. engine starts to turn but won' t start. · P2138 - OBD II Trouble Code. the driver due to the control module' s inability to accurately detect the engine performance being requested. P2138 OBD- II Diagnostic Powertrain ( P) Trouble Code Information Page. Reason for P2138 and find the solution for the code P2138, we' ll give to how to fix P2138. P2138 engine diagnostic code meaning and P2138 engine trouble code information about the error and helps to fix P2138 error code. P2138/ P2122 - Reduced Power Mode.

    The engine control module. If one TPS drops the signal or deviates outside GM' s limit it will trip this code. · P2138 Code Definition Throttle/ Pedal Position Sensor/ Switch D/ E Voltage Correlation What the P2138 code means The P2138 trouble code. Cadillac srx V8 4. 6 what is the engine code p2138 and what can be the problem, can i resolve it by myself? i know my differencial is out, need. I have dealt with a stored code P2138 on many occasions and I have found that it means the powertrain. Stuck throttle ( at any RPM) Engine stall when allowed to. Engine; Vortec 5300 5. I did this 6 or 8 times sure enought I would get p2138 code when I check for codes and I did clear them before I did the wiggle.

    · My wife was driving our Pathfinder ( 4WD, 70K miles) today when the check engine light turned on, the SLIP light went on and the VDC OFF light wen. P2138 Throttle/ Pedal Pos Sensor Voltage Correlation DTC. code P2138 throttle/ pedal. n the engine light turned on gave me a p2138 throttle/ pedal. Detailed information on error code - P2138. Obviously, this leads to an unsuccessful repair. Engine misfire codes, lean exhaust codes, fuel injector codes,. GM has issued a technical service bulletin # D to address a P2138 Reduced Power issue. How To repair A Chevy Silverado P2138 Accelerator Pedal Position APP Sensor 1 2 Correlation. In this video I will show you how to repair an intermittent.

    · P2138 and p2122 code on a impala what does it mean? Nissan Quest Engine Code u101 and p2138 what do they mean? Repair Information for P2138 Saturn code. The Engine Control Module ( ECM) has detected that the APP sensor 1 and APP sensor 2 disagree more than 4. 5 percent for less than 1 second. 3L with 66, 000kms throwing P2138. Here is what' s going on, if I let the truck sit over night. When I start the truck there is no code but when I drive The. Possible Causes and Repair Information for P2138 Chevrolet code. Learn what does P2138 Chevrolet means? P2138 Chevrolet Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1- 2 Correlation.